DVB-T2 provider in Ghana has new business

DVB-T2 provider in Ghana has new business, VCAN expand DVB-T2 to meet new requirement.

Ghana’s first DVB-T2 television provider has always encouraged convenient self-service for its customers and in line with this philosophy, GOtv has built upon and increased the number of GOtv Subscriber Self Service platforms and given them features that provide subscribers with the tools to manage their accounts.

china dvb-t2
china dvb-t2 factory

DVB-T2 provider in Ghana  new GOtv Subscriber Self Service platforms include Short Message Service (SMS) as well as Blackberry, Android and Apple Applications.  The other new platforms are WeChat, Eazy, and the GOtv Ghana website.

On these platforms, GOtv subscribers can perform diverse functions ranging from self-activation, clearing error codes, requesting due balance and due date, updating email and mobile numbers, activate their decoders and obtain information on payment options as well as the date on which their next monthly subscription is due.  This is an improvement on the self service features that were limited to the GOtv website and mobile phones. Other features being developed, and soon to be launched, include making payments, upgrading to a higher bouquet and finding GOtv dealers.

The GOtv Self Service platforms are designed to be accessible from mobile devices, which include, but are not limited to normal cell phones, WAP, smartphone, tablet or desktop and ensure a seamless and consistent customer experience.

In china, as the first design and top DVB-T2 manufacturer, VCAN has over 7 years DVB-T produce experiences, now VCAN expand their business on DVB-T2, second generation on DVB-T technology, for example DVB-T2C and VCAN0327, they have good sale and feedback in Russia, Thailand.

Author: ChinaVcan

Mike for www.VCAN.cn company, offer DVB-T2 ISDB-T COFDM

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