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Mongolia DVB-T2 has launched by MNBC

Mongolia DVB-T2 has launched by MNBC

Mongolia DVB-T2

Mongolia Digital Broadcasting (MNBC) has launched DVB-T2 service, using headend systems from video compression software company Thomson Video Networks.

Working with systems integrator Digital Horizon, MNBC has deployed Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE EM1000 multi-channel SD encoders and NetProcessor 9030 multiplexer and video processor with embedded DVB-T2 gateway. Installed at the broadcaster’s headend facility in Ulaanbaatar, the Thomson Video Networks systems have enabled MNBC to migrate to a DVB-T2/MPEG-4 operation in order to accommodate more channels. By migrating to DVB-T2/MPEG-4, MNBC will now be able to broadcast up to 120 digital TV channels over five UHF transponders.


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Poland DVB-T has new develop

UKE prepares tender for Poland DVB-T multiplex in band III

Polish regulator UKE reports that nineteen applicants are interested in the new DVB-T multiplex, reports Rpkom.pl.

Demand exceeds available resources, so UKE will run a tender. The whole process was initiated by Emitel, a Poland DVB-T broadcasting company, which applied to the UKE to be awarded frequencies in the band 174-230 MHz in what is known as band.III.

UKE was required to run a market survey to determine potential interest from other operators. The UKE chairwoman will prepare the tender documentation in cooperation with and consent of the Broadcasting Council KRRiT.

The tender will be organised in 2014.

Poland DVB-T

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dvb-t2 digital televisions at Kenya by Samsung

Samsung launches new digital TV range ahead of Kenyan migration

Samsung Electronics has launched a new range of digital televisions in Kenya ahead of the country’s digital migration, which is set for December 13.

The Samsung F series is DVB-T2 compliant, therefore customers do not need to purchase standard set-top boxes and come in a range of sizes.


Robert Ngeru, Samsung Electronics East Africa chief operating officer (COO), said: “Our unique technology in the Samsung F Series range presents a set-top box in-built solution. Our consumers will save on additional expense as they will not have to invest in a convertor.”

Samsung said the F Series TV range will offer customers peace of mind during the switch to the digital platform.

The F Series is available at all leading Samsung authorised dealers and retail outlets including Nakumatt, Tuskys and Naivas stores.

Last month that Kenya’s digital migration deadline had tripled sales of Samsung smart TVs.

Nakumatt Holdings, Kenya’s biggest retail store, said retail sales data captured in the last six months ending October shows the range of Samsung televisions in-built with DVB-T2 tuners hit sales of up to KSh30 million (US$350,000) monthly. For the full story, you can check it out here.

As a professional DVB-T2 factory at China, VCAN think DVB-T2 will be adopted at more countries,  because of DVB-T2 TV standard has much advantage at TV channel and transfer speed.
















Thailand DVB-T2



Czech DVB-T2 debate intensifies

Czech DVB-T2 debate intensifies

Now more and more countries already adopted DVB-T2 as their countries digital tv standard, such as Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, Singapore. More countries has planning to adopted DVB-T2 club. The size of the OTT market in the Czech Republic could increase five-fold from the current CZK350 million (€13.5 million) by 2020, according to Michal Cupa, the head of the national transmission company Radiokomunikace.

Quoted by E15, he added that this would be one of the main advantages for the TV industry of deploying DVB-T2 at a time when the advertising market is flat.

However, there are huge question marks as to when DVB-T2 will actually be introduced in the Czech Republic.

Czech DVB-T2

Speaking at a conference entitled Innovation Day – The Future of Television, the public broadcaster CT’s consultant Pavel Hanus said that pilot broadcasts have to begin and a 2014 launch is realistic.

Although experts feel the transition to DVB-T2 is unlikely to happen before 2021 or even later (2025 has been quoted), Hanus added that he felt this was unfair.

Ultimately, the state should oversee the transition as it is a political decision.

Pavel Dvorak, a member of the Czech Telecom Office (CTU) and its former president, meanwhile said that his expected the completion date of the digital dividend to be between 2021-2024 and making it sooner could present serious problems. (from http://www.broadbandtvnews.com)

VCAN as DVB-T2 factory in China is ready to offer any DVB-T2 products to meet Czech market requirement.

Colombia TV DVB-T2 has adjusted

Colombia TV DVB-T2 has adjusted the parameter

Colombia’s Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC) has issued a resolution upgrading the main technical parameters for DTT reception equipment. The minimum requirements are a DVB-T2 tuner version 1.3.1; 6 MHz channel, MPEG-4 H.264 digital video system part 10; support for single or multiple PLP transmission mode; and DVB-T2 demodulation capacity. In addition, the regulator has introduced the obligation that DTT service operators should guarantee at least an acceptable signal level for fixed reception for the main digital channel. Finally, the DTT network configuration must enable minimum channel adjustments from 8 MHz to 6 MHz.

Colombia TV

In china, VCAN has over 7 years DVB-T produce experiences, now VCAN expand their business on DVB-T2, second generation on DVB-T technology, for example DVB-T2C and VCAN0327, they have good sale and feedback in Russia, Thailand and Colombia. VCAN DVB-T2 support the Frequency 6mhz, 7mhz and 8mhz. VCAN DVB-T2 support  6MHz channel, MPEG-4 H.264 and single or multiple PLP transmission mode.

DVB-T2 provider in Ghana has new business

DVB-T2 provider in Ghana has new business, VCAN expand DVB-T2 to meet new requirement.

Ghana’s first DVB-T2 television provider has always encouraged convenient self-service for its customers and in line with this philosophy, GOtv has built upon and increased the number of GOtv Subscriber Self Service platforms and given them features that provide subscribers with the tools to manage their accounts.

china dvb-t2
china dvb-t2 factory

DVB-T2 provider in Ghana  new GOtv Subscriber Self Service platforms include Short Message Service (SMS) as well as Blackberry, Android and Apple Applications.  The other new platforms are WeChat, Eazy, and the GOtv Ghana website.

On these platforms, GOtv subscribers can perform diverse functions ranging from self-activation, clearing error codes, requesting due balance and due date, updating email and mobile numbers, activate their decoders and obtain information on payment options as well as the date on which their next monthly subscription is due.  This is an improvement on the self service features that were limited to the GOtv website and mobile phones. Other features being developed, and soon to be launched, include making payments, upgrading to a higher bouquet and finding GOtv dealers.

The GOtv Self Service platforms are designed to be accessible from mobile devices, which include, but are not limited to normal cell phones, WAP, smartphone, tablet or desktop and ensure a seamless and consistent customer experience.

In china, as the first design and top DVB-T2 manufacturer, VCAN has over 7 years DVB-T produce experiences, now VCAN expand their business on DVB-T2, second generation on DVB-T technology, for example DVB-T2C and VCAN0327, they have good sale and feedback in Russia, Thailand.

Indonesia DVB-T2

Indonesia DVB-T2

Indonesia DVB-T2
Indonesia DVB-T2

印尼政府咨询DVB-T2计划, 印度尼西亚通信和信息技术部提议在该国转换到数字电视广播时免费电视广播采用下一代DVB-T2标准。

Indonesia DVB-T2
Indonesia DVB-T2

该部表示采用DVB-T2将为更多的广播机构开启市场,在必要的法令颁布 后的两个月将进行一个遴选过程。


印尼原来决定继续推进DVB-T网络。Indonesia: Adoption to begin in 2012 and finish by end of 2018 or more (depends on 2018 situation later)